Founded in 2003 and based in Clinton, NJ, Eric Trepkau Architect, Inc. (ETA) is a full service architectural design firm that specializes in additions and alterations for both residential homes and commercial buildings.

  • Eric holds a Bachelors Degree in Architecture from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and is professionally licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
  • Eric is certified by NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) and is a member of the AIA (American Institute of Architects).
  • Eric has 22 years of experience working on many different project types ranging from industrial warehouses, commercial developments, mixed use buildings, apartment buildings, restaurants, schools, custom homes, etc.
  • Eric is a past member of both the Board of Adjustment and Planning Board for the Town of Clinton.

Architectural Services:

ETA uses a multi-step design and development process.  This ensures that every project exceeds client expectations and upholds my commitment to design excellence.  Eric personally performs all work on your project from the initial consultation, through the design process,  to completion of construction.  You therefore have the assurance that every aspect of your project is being completed by a licensed and experienced architect who is looking out for your interests.

  • Initial Consultation - I will come out to your home or business for a no cost one hour consultation.  This is the first step for any project.  This serves as an introductory meeting where we will discuss your thoughts, ideas and goals for your project.  I will then create a proposal for you which outlines the scope of work, the architectural services required and has an estimate of the fee.
  • Existing Conditions Documentation - I will personally measure and document your home or business.  This usually takes between 2 & 4 hours depending on project size and scope.  I will also use a copy of your site survey to perform a zoning analysis of your property to determine how your project can be developed.  Plans and Elevations showing the existing conditions and Site Plan will be developed.
  • Design Development - I will prepare a design based on the conversations we've had.  These drawings will include floor plans, elevations and a site plan (when applicable).  I will email these drawings to clients several days ahead of a meeting.  This ensures that clients have enough time to review and prepare questions and have changes ready.  I will come out to your home or business to meet with you to discuss the project in detail.  We will discuss the proposed design changes and I will get your feedback in order to make the changes necessary.  This meeting usually takes between 1 & 2 hours.  I will revise the drawings and return for additional meetings if necessary.  I will create a "ballpark" budget estimate for your project as well.  
  • Variance (if necessary) - If your project requires a variance, I will assist you with the process.  I will provide you with the drawings necessary to include with your variance application.  These drawings will include floor plans, elevations and site plan with zoning analysis.  If requested by you, I will testify with you before your town's board of adjustment.    
  • Construction Documents - Once you have approved the design (or the variance relief is granted),  I will create a detailed and through set of construction documents for your project.   These drawings are very technical and are developed to minimize problems, to ease the construction process and to eliminate construction errors and change orders.  These drawings contain all the technical information necessary to get bids from contractors, to obtain permits and to build the project.  These documents will include:   Dimensioned and noted floor plans, exterior elevations, sections, details, window & door specifications, lighting and electrical information, plumbing information and general construction specifications.  At the completion of this phase, the your project will be ready for bidding, permits and construction.
  • Construction Phase - I can work closely with your contractor or I can recommend several to you.  ETA has close collaboration with many local builders which helps to ensure that the design intent is carried through to completion.   Once you have selected a contractor, he will submit the finished, sealed construction drawings to the town for permits.  ETA is available to answer all questions, concerns and to address any issues that may arise during the construction process.  ETA is also available to make site visits to inspect the project as it progresses.  This usually happens at the major "milestones" of construction such as footing, foundation, framing, insulation and finishing aspects of the project.